Asset Finance

Asset finance is ideal for replacing and updating cars, commercial vehicles, equipment, plant and machinery and keeping your business moving ahead.

Whatever the size of your operation asset finance delivers significant advantages and optimum flexibility because paying cash up front for costly equipment, machinery and vehicles can sap much-needed business capital. We can tailor financial solutions for you to acquire the assets you need. We can also help you release capital tied up in assets you already own within your business. Asset finance is a highly flexible way to spread the purchase cost over the asset’s economic life. You pay for the asset whilst it supports your business. Typically this can be achieved by hire purchasing and leasing.

Hire Purchase

This gives you a fixed or variable rate and with this option you generally pay the VAT and an initial deposit at the start - followed by a simple, structured repayment profile designed to facilitate cash flow.


This gives you fixed rentals over an agreed lease term, leasing allows you to use and possess the asset for the period of the lease. When the contract ends, you can choose to retain use and possession of the leased.
Office equipment
We also have access to funds for the acquisition of office equipment, computers and other “soft assets”